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    De|Rive Hair Restoration is a revolutionary hair restoration procedure offered exclusively at Oval Medical Laser Aesthetics in Kelowna, British Columbia. It is a non-surgical and safe solution to baldness that uses medical-grade laser technology to stimulate the scalp and promote natural hair growth. This innovative treatment is capable of restoring patients’ existing hair while also providing them.

    Oval Medical Laser Aesthetics offers a range of Kelowna hair replacement treatments to help patients regain their desired level of hair density. As a leading provider of laser-based therapies, this clinic specializes in utilizing the latest cutting-edge technologies to provide safe, fast, and dramatically effective results for its patients. Based on the individual’s requirements, treatment options may include different types of laser therapy or topical agents that can stimulate hair regrowth. This comprehensive approach is designed to provide optimal restoration outcomes with minimal risk and without intimidating surgical procedures.

    During each procedure at Oval Medical Laser Aesthetics, patients can expect a thorough evaluation and consultation by caring and experienced professionals dedicated to helping them achieve the best possible outcome. With an array of lasers available, it is possible to target specified areas while minimizing potential side effects, such as scalp discomfort or irritation, that can occur with other forms of treatment. By selecting the right laser setting for each patient’s needs, they can use one or more techniques to maximize restoration success while providing natural-looking results. In addition to these treatments, other related services, such as nutrition coaching and stress relief


    DE/RIVE Hair Restoration is here to revolutionize hair care and support needs. This innovative product is 100% natural and hormone-free, with plant-based factors that work harmoniously with the body to provide excellent results. It contains a complete set of active plant secretory factors and the latest bio-based patented technology for hair and scalp health. This unique formula helps restore thickness, luster, shine, elasticity and manageability—in short, it’s harnessing the power of nature to give you the ultimate hair transformation you’ve been dreaming about!

    With DE/RIVE Hair Restoration, users can also see improved overall scalp health due to its anti-inflammatory properties. This system protects against environmental stressors during styling or other activities that could damage your hair’s structure. Its special blend of vitamins and minerals also helps boost natural restoration processes from within, delivering maximum results in minimal time. Whether it’s restoring volume, reducing damage or improving the strength and healthiness of your tresses— DE/RIVE Hair Restoration has got you covered!




    Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) has quickly gained traction in recent years as a major player in hair health. As a cutting-edge method for reducing hair loss, LLLT utilizes light at specific wavelengths and frequencies to stimulate the follicle’s growth phase, thus accelerating the growth and thickness of strands. The scalp’s natural healing process kicks into overdrive when subjected to the correct grade of light provided by devices like the FDA-approved red light helmet and brush.

    Evidence demonstrates that hair rejuvenation brought about by low-level laser therapy is safe, effective, and accelerates the reverse impact of premature hair loss. Furthermore, LLLT has also been known to enhance the scalp’s vascularity and boost micronutrient delivery to follicles faster than traditional methods. With no painful side effects or long-term dependency on continued treatments, this technology is revolutionary for restoring full, healthy hair.


    DHT InHibitor Shampoo Conditioner

    The problem of hair loss caused by male pattern baldness can often seem daunting and impossible to fix. Thankfully, recent advances in the beauty industry have introduced a new solution: at-home DHT inhibitor shampoos and conditioners. Using these specialized treatments regularly can effectively slow down or even reverse hair loss caused by this type of baldness.

    Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a powerful sex hormone created from testosterone, and it is responsible for much of the hair loss associated with male pattern baldness. Fortunately, DHT-inhibiting shampoos contain certain ingredients that can help fight this issue. Common ingredients found in DHT blocker shampoos include ketoconazole, saw palmetto, pygeum extract, and caffeine – all of which work together to inhibit the production of DHT or block its effects on hair follicles. When purchased from a trustworthy store, using these products as part of your hair care routine should provide noticeable results within just a few weeks.